Whole30 - Day One

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Author's note: The computer ate my first draft, which was absolutely brilliant. Welcome to my second take on my first post. Fingers crossed...

This is the first day of my first attempt to follow the Whole30 Meal Plan as created by authors Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. I've been reading the books and obsessively meal planning all week, taking advantage of their cheat sheets, recipes, and grocery checklist. I've mapped out my plan so I can finish my first 30 right before heading to the happiest place on Earth. DisneyWorld will be my reward for completing this plan.

There are a number of reasons this is happening, and happening now. Here they are in order of importance:

  1. I've been feeling, as they say in the medical profession, a bit crappy as of late. Based on the reading I've done and the other things I've tried so far, this seems like a good way to give my insides a reset and get my tummy back on tract. (See what I did there?)
  2. Before I try my hand at blogging for public consumption, I wanted to do a "test-run." This seemed like a good trial run project, with a solid beginning and end, before I dive into an endless sea of blogging and vlogging (which auto correct really wants to call "flogging").
  3. I'm shirtless in a new play May 15. This seemed like a good way to not worry about that.
  4. There's a nice sense of accomplishment that comes with starting and finishing something like this. Or so "they" tell me.

Those of you reading/skimming/ignoring this are my select "test market." I have included you in this for your support as I start freaking out without cream in my coffee as well as for your input on my approach and writing style. Knowing you might be looking is what will keeping me going and I appreciate your help with this process.

So, before I head out for some epic grocery shopping, here's my first Whole30 report. Don't worry...there will be other topics discussed as well. As well as abbreviations like OMGhee. Let's get started.

SNBWhole30 - Day One: One meal down so far. Started with taking my coffee black. No more Truvia for 30 days or CoffeeMate Pumpkin Spice Non-Dairy Sugar Free Creamer. Hey...if black coffee was good enough for Captain Janeway, then it's good enough for me. "I beat the Borg with it."

We had a house guest for the weekend, and we gave him a "farewell breakfast" at The Bagel. I will have to look more carefully at what I'm allowed at restaurants, but I think I did well so far. I'm allowed all fruit, so I had that instead of hash browns. They held the bread and I had an omelette with ham, tomatoes, peppers and onions. Honestly, the only potential pitfall here was what this was cooked in, but I'm going to assume it was an oil I'm allowed until I understand better what to ask for. Besides, our waitress made it very clear there are no substitutions. 

The nice part of this is that I love to cook, so this will force me to do more of that. I've already adapted my coming schedule to allow for cooking time and meal prep, even with rehearsals coming up in April. I'm feeling really good about this and can't wait to take this journey with all of you.

Hailing frequencies closed.