Sticker Shock

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So, my first mistake was going to Whole Foods (WF). I had a simple plan…get the makings for meals through Wednesday, then pick the rest up after my voice lesson Wednesday night. Based on my reading, I thought it might be better to get the meat from WF, as well as the rendered animal fat for cooking.

The hardest part was the bacon. Part of this diet shift is eliminating all sugars for thirty days and then re-integrating them afterwards (if desired) to identify items that might be troubling an individual’s system. I did not expect there to be sugar in bacon. Boy was I wrong. I looked at WF and the Jewel and found only one brand that had NO sugar. Of course, it was also labelled as “Whole30 Compliant.” I appreciated the label but not the limited resource. 

The other challenge was the fish. I chose a recipe that called for halibut. Zounds! $24.99 per pound at WF. Suffice it to say I went with Tilapia. There were a few other odds and ends that were on the pricy side, but all in all I managed to stay within $20 of the “typical” week’s budget. With a little more experience and awareness, I’m sure I can bring that back down.

As for the first home-cooked meal…I have to say it was excellent. Citrus-Ginger Tilapia with fresh asparagus and a cauliflower mash (see picture). The sauce for the fish was really good and I modified my usual cauliflower mash with tips from the Whole30 book. For the mash I usually do, I use sour cream. This time, I used the coconut cream that separates when you cool a can of coconut milk. I added some salt, pepper, and thyme to taste and it worked out very well. 

I’ve posted some pictures online about my doing this Whole30 plan. I’ve gotten some great responses and some negative responses, but most have been very positive. Family and friends have found this process to be very helpful in dealing with internal discomfort and some illnesses they first were combating with medications. I’m looking forward to seeing these benefits for myself.

SNBWhole30 - Day Two: With an audition today, I should be able to come home for lunch before my work shift, so I'm only bringing some fruit and veggies with me in case I get peckish. The recommendation from Whole30 is to avoid snacking and keep yourself to three larger meals a day. I've gotten used to grazing, both from a convenience standpoint and so I never feel too full. It will be interesting to see how I make this adjustment. For dinner tonight, I'm planning a curry chicken breast with a potato and carrot side and some sautéed kale. Looking forward to it.


Citrus-Ginger Halibut (click link for recipe)

Asparagus: Cut the bottoms off the asparagus, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, and bake for 4-6 minutes. Top with lemon zest and lemon juice before serving.

Cauliflower Mash: Boil florets of one cauliflower head and three cloves minced garlic in chicken broth for ten minutes or until soft. (1-2 cups of chicken broth...enough to cover the majority of the cauliflower). Move to food processor leaving broth behind, add one egg, three tablespoons of coconut cream (which separates from the coconut water in the can when refrigerated). Salt, pepper, and season (I used thyme) to taste.

Hailing frequencies closed.