Captain’s Blog - Stardate 60323.4

Remember when I said that I wasn’t feeling any of the withdrawal symptoms of the other diet attempts? Lies. All lies. Big lies with big piles of whipped cream on top. Drizzled with caramel, cocoa, and crankiness. My sinuses are tight, my eyes heavy, and my brain feels like the scrambled eggs I had for breakfast. 

On a positive note, I arrived to work on time and dove right into my work. Based on my auditions, I’ve had to pile up my work hours onto the later half of this week. So, this is the first day that I’ve had to prep a lunch. I did not do a good job. 

For starters, I think I need to add some either roasted or sautéed potatoes with breakfast in the morning. Maybe some zucchini and squash as well or instead. Then for lunch, whatever I was thinking that raw kale would be something I could just eat like I plucked it off the plant, well that was silly. I tried microwaving it wrapped in wet paper towels to quasi-steam it. It still tastes like crispy dirt. That said…I’m hungry and groggy, so I’m gonna go all “Survivor” and eat in anyway.

Also, my insides sound like they’re brewing coffee. Or I’m about to have a John Hurt “Alien” moment. It’s fascinating.

SNBWhole30 - Day Four: Dinner last night was a pork chop with spiced apple sauce, cauliflower mash, and green beans with an apricot vinaigrette. Yum. Today has been hard but I will figure it out. I'll add the recipes tomorrow when my brain isn't dribbling out my ear.

Hailing frequencies closed.