What I Noticed I Didn't Notice

Captain’s Blog - Stardate 60324.3

I’ve been trying to make magic in the condo setting up a self-taping for an audition due tomorrow. It has a lot of components, including a song and two scenes. I’ve determined I need a helper, so I’ll be recruiting a reader this evening. Meanwhile, I’ve taken over the living room with two light stands, one camera, and a lot of paper. I will at least spruce up before I leave for work.

But here’s what I just realized I’m not noticing. Not only does a pair of pants I have been avoiding fit okay…but I realized I wasn’t uncomfortable. The “awareness” I’ve had which came in the form of bloating or abdominal pressure seems much less. I hadn’t even realized that I wasn’t noticing it. Feeling uncomfortable has become so normal that it took me all morning to realize I wasn’t as uncomfortable. This seems promising, to say the least.

Now, keep in mind that the pants issue is not and hasn’t been about weight loss. Granted, I have some work to do to get back to the shape I was in for “Scotty and Josh Get Enlightened” but this has always been primarily about comfort. My pants have been tight mostly because of gas and bloating. If this is helping get that in check, I will be a very happy camper. 

Now I just need some of these new recipes to be more second nature so they take a little less time. And I cannot WAIT until the Mariano’s opens two blocks away. Fresh meats and veggies every day for dinner with little waste and easy prep. I love it.

SNBWhole30 - Day Five: Here’s hoping I’m over the hump of the sugar withdrawal. I still need to incorporate more veggies into breakfast, but I will make that happen. Meanwhile, I think work in the afternoons will end up being useful for a number of reasons including lunch/meal scheduling. Looking forward to seeing how that goes.

Dinner last night was sautéed shrimp in onion and garlic with a Romesco sauce and zucchini. I also got clever and shredded some potatoes, tossed them with an egg, salt, and pepper, and baked them into patties (I’d get in trouble if I called them pancakes, but regardless it totally worked and I’m definitely do that again.)

Hailing frequencies closed.