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Well, I am finally able to announce the details of my casting in the Chicago premiere of “The Boys Upstairs” by Jason Mitchell. The show is produced by Pride Films and Plays and will be playing at Mary’s Attic from May 19 through July 2.

I will be playing Ashley, the southern third member of a trio of best friends in New York City. During the audition, I was sure to bring my best Julia Sugarbaker. 

I’m thrilled to be working on my first full show with Pride Films, previously doing a staged reading of a short play and a fundraising event at Sidetrack. The role in particular is exciting for me because Ashley has a lot of impulses and attitudes that are a little outside my “standard” bookings and I’m looking forward to playing someone this extreme. 

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SNBWhole30 - Day Seven: Some leftovers for dinner last night, which worked well. Scrambled eggs with lox and a little hash browns this morning. Meal planning for the next week now, hoping to see I’ve learned something. My body is still rebounding from accidentally going off the prilosec, but hopeful that will correct itself as well. Boy…I really want a cupcake.

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