Feeling Like An Aspartame

Captain't Blog - Stardate 60328.8

Under strict orders, I made sure the first thing I took care of today was contacting my new Primary Care Physician and scheduling an appointment to bring her up to speed on the digestive frustration and get an idea of what's going on. Unbelievably, I was able to schedule this appointment for this morning at 10:30, so after my eggs and broccoli, I was showered and on my way to the doctor's office.

Boy...is there a lot of paperwork. I got there early and was still working my way through it ten minutes past my scheduled appointment time. I guess that's how they keep us from noticing they're running late. 

Finally got in to see the doc and got to go through, again, my history with my digestive issues. Nothing like sharing stories of stomach acid with strangers. Of course, I've done enough of my own online research, I can pretty much tell her what to rule out, right? Well...no...but at least she knows that I've got some of the "lingo" down.

We're running tests for H pylori bacteria (which I prefer to spell H. Py Laurie. It makes me think of Dr. House) and celiac's disease. We're also following up on my potassium level from the bloodwork from my previous primary care provider last month. (Insurance drama...long story). She also is putting me back on the fiber, but recommended a brand that is less bilious. 


Here are the problems with citrucel. 1) It only comes in orange (hence the name) and therefore won't invisibly mix into my coffee. 2) There are two versions. One has sugar, which is a Whole30 no-no, and the other has aspartame...an artificial sweetener that is also a Whole30 no-no. 

What do I do? The only reason I'm on this particular "cleanse" is to make my insides feel better, but she thinks that the Citrucel and the Prilosec together might be the answer. However, if I am taking the Citrucel, with the artificial sweetener, once or twice daily, won't that defeat the purpose of doing the Whole30 to break my addiction to artificial sweeteners and over-abundance of sugar?

No idea. But I took the Citrucel. The book may have some answers, as will the internet, so I'll do my homework. 

Just did my homework. It would appear taking the Citrucel may have hit the "restart" on the meal plan. Which means I'll have to decide what my next steps are. I will keep blogging either way, but in the meantime I need to decide if I'm going to keep the other dietary restrictions. Something to ponder while I make tonight's dinner.

SNBWhole30 - Day Nine: This could be it. Or I could make my own rules moving forward. I will read a little more and definitely want to keep my options open. I will probably do a modified version. After all, if the only fake sweetener is in the Citrucel, I doubt it will trigger my "dessert" desire. The "great taste" they boast about on their container really seems to just mean that it doesn't taste like powder. Tang or Kool-Aid it is not.

Hailing frequencies closed.