No30 on March30

Captain's Blog - Stardate 60330.0

Lights were dim. Patience was frayed. The room was cold. So cold, I had to move to the church parlor in order to do my work in a warmer comfort. Seconds, minutes, and hours ticked by. Finally, with my work complete I could leave my makeshift office and head for home.

On the way, I tapped into an iPhone app that I was instructed not to use on the Whole30, the MyFitnessPal calorie counter. I punched in the food I'd eaten so far...two scrambled eggs, two strips of bacon, coffee (with sweetener and creamer, I know), a large chicken breast and broccoli. Lo and behold, I had barely eaten roughly 400 calories all morning. 

One hop, two skips, and I am seated in a Starbucks Coffee devouring an everything bagel with cream cheese. Once home, a KIND bar. Whole30 is officially on a hiatus. 

And you know what? I felt better by 5:30 than I had all day. 

Now, I have done the reading and I understand the benefits of Whole30. In fact, I may want to give it another try when I have more time and a better understanding of what my body needs. But for now...I think it's best to wait for the doc and go back to my regular diet, making sure I'm getting enough to eat.

So, last night we sat down for an evening of Drag Race and Take-Out. Bring on the crab rangoon!

Hailing frequencies closed.