Captain's Blog - Stardate 60329.3

On this, what would have been the tenth day of my Whole30 attempt, I have decided to abandon a few elements of the plan. I do not consider this a failure, but an adjustment based on empirical research.

For starters, I have found no difference in my overall physical well being. I have read that people began feeling the relief of their symptoms within days of starting the program, however I seemed to feel worse physically. Granted, it's a thirty day plan so I could stand to use more time. But I also think it's been affecting my mood in a negative way. Sort of a cross between Grumpy Smurf and The Noid. 

I will feel better about trying this again once I have a clearer picture of what my body really needs. In the mean time, I will reintroduce some of the items I cut out, be it for cost issues, convenience issues, or because I like cake.

I will continue to limit the amount of extra sugar and sweetener in other foods. I will avoid large amounts of fruit juice. I will not be eating much dairy or drinking any alcohol, and will likely be avoiding some breads and baked goods. I will also be taking things day by day, especially until I hear from the doc regarding yesterday's tests.

The blogging and Instagramming will continue, so please keep reading! Thank you to all of you for checking in and reading the blog. With less food content, I've been considering topics including "Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned From Star Trek," "The Rhino and the Unicorn," and "Do or Do Not...There Is No Try." 

Hailing frequencies closed.