Princess Week Continues

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If you follow this blog regularly, you know that these past two days have been a bit...delayed. I've also learned that you can post a blog for any date and time, so to the outside eye I have been keeping up my schedule. When I look back on this month of blogging, I wonder if I will remember that second week in April where I fudged the publishing dates on two blogs...

But I digress. Princess week. In anticipation of the Disney trip next week, I'm finding myself thinking about princesses. However, today, I'm not sure what topic, deep or otherwise, to share with you. But I have a solution. Pay no attention to my lack of content and be pleasantly distracted by these hilarious videos.

Princess Epic Rap Battles

Please enjoy the following videos responsibly. There is some explicit language: 



ALADRIEL (Lord of the Rings) VERSUS LEIA