Thirty in Thirty

Captain's Blog - Stardate 60418.2

Today marks a milestone of sorts for this blog. I have now completed thirty consecutive days of blogging. Granted, I technically started this challenge to blog about my thirty days on the Whole30 meal plan, but I think what I have accomplished in this time has been invaluable. Here is a summary of everything I've learned, great or small, in the past thirty days.

  • As of Saturday, I finally got back to the gym. I remind myself of this every time I get back after a break, but I really like working out. Whether it's the endorphins, or the sense of accomplishment that is quantifiable and measurable, or just that slightly sore feeling in my muscles that tells me I did my work...I really like it. It makes me feel good. Note to self: When feeling cranky, don't hit the ice cream. Hit the gym.
  • Regarding my digestive system: Soooooo...stress. Apparently it has a direct correlation to my digestive health. Ironically, additional stress ABOUT my digestive system will exacerbate this reaction. What do I do with this information? Simple. When I have heartburn, repeat the following thought process.
    • What I am feeling is not life threatening, so breathe.
    • What I am feeling is caused by stress, so breathe, identify the stressor, meditate, and release the stress.
    • You do have some food sensitivities (tomato sauce, too much bread, etc.). If you eat these foods and then get heartburn, that is normal. So, if that happens remind yourself that this reaction is expected and not something to over-react about.
  • I really like blogging. I don't believe many are reading this blog, but I am comfortable enough with what and how I write these blogs to make it available to the public. I may even let "Facebook-land" know that it is out here AND have Twitter regularly post my blogs. I'll decide when I get back from Florida.
  • The book "The War of Art" is a must read for anyone pursuing a career either in the arts or where you are self employed. I am two-thirds through it this time around and already I am seeing my day-to-day differently and identifying ways to build and improve upon my approach to all the various jobs I have.
  • I am learning, every day, what it means to live without my cat. The oddest thing is that there are days I feel really great. Like yesterday. I was walking around in the beautiful weather having just bought a pair of jeans at the Gap for under $4. I realized I was enjoying my day and then I got sad. I wasn't going to be able to share that with Lana. I was also sad because part of me felt guilty that I was feeling happy. I'm not sure, but I suspect that is a normal reaction to loss. I continue to remind myself that she is with me always and that she wants me to be happy and feel better. She knows I will will love and miss her always.

Okay. Those are the primary bullet points but there is one more I have before wrapping up today's blog. I have been reminded these thirty days that I am loved. I know, to some readers that my seem simply or trite, but it's nevertheless true. I have many people in my life who consider me special, who love me, and who I love. 

During the meditation I learned from Betty Buckley, we focus on our breathing and bring a white light through our body slowly and specifically (mind, eyes, sinuses, ears, etc.). Following that, we visualize a blue light starting at our chest, then expanding outward in all directions. I picture it very similar to the mapping tech used in Prometheusbut then I'm kind of a nerd. This blue light is the love in our heart, and we remind ourselves that the love in our heart is enough. It is enough to sustain us. We do not NEED love from anywhere else.

I believe that. It is important that we are able to sustain ourselves on the love we have inside, because there are times or tasks where without trusting that internal love, we will not be able to do our work. 

That said, the love in my life from and for others is both plentiful and precious. While I do not need it to sustain me, it enriches my life. It enhances all of my experiences being able to share them with those I care about and who care about me. Sharing their experiences, be they triumphs or challenges, is a privilege I am grateful for. 

So, for these first thirty days of blogging...I may not have mastered a new way of eating, but I most definitely feel whole.

Hailing frequencies closed.