Conquistador of Chaos

I wrote this on the shuttle to my first stop in Florida last week, before I realized that there wouldn't be enough time this time around to blog on vacation...hence the early star date. The photo is from the shuttle.


Captain’s Blog - Stardate 60419.6

Well, I am exhausted. And as I write this on the shuttle from the Orlando airport it is only 3:41. Why am I so tired, you ask? Well…these past thirty days while I’ve been exploring myself, I had been neglecting a few other tasks here and there. 

Oh, I’ll pick up that laundry tomorrow. I can take my suit coat to be repaired next week. Dusting? It’ll get done. 

Or not.

During another bout of “self-improvement” a few years back I read a few great books by Julia Morgenstern. Time Management and Organization From the Inside Out. During that analysis of self I determined I am, and have almost always been, a" conquistador of chaos." I feel best, and accomplish some (not all) of my best work when I have a looming deadline. In the words of Charlie Brown in his fantastic Broadway musical “I work best under pressure. And there’ll be lots of pressure if I wait ‘till tomorrow. I should start writing now. but if I start writing now when I’m not really rested it could upset my thinking which is not good at all.”

Of course, as an adult, the fun part of procrastination can be that you distract yourself from something you have to do with something ELSE you have to do. 

Steven Pressfield (The War of Art, remember?) said a professional can identify the difference between what is urgent and what is important and to do what is important first. 

Well, that’s all well and good Mr. Pressfield, but sometimes the important stuff gets in the way of the day to day.

I left my house for Florida today around 8:30 am. I managed, in my final 24-hours in Chicago, to do a run through of “The Boys Upstairs,” complete a week’s worth of “survival job” tasks in a single shift, pick up the dry cleaning I needed to have for the trip, work the second job, clean (well, straighten) the apartment enough that is feels nice to come home to, eat some Ben & Jerry’s Karmel Sutra Ice Cream, cry when I tripped over my bag and thought, for one second, it was my cat, make a packing list, pack for the trip from said list, forget to put a few things on said list, sleep for five hours, and finish a grant proposal for my next web series project before the deadline.

Ms. Morgenstern has said regarding “prioritizing” that there will have to be times that, due to the sheer number of hours in the day there are some items you will have to decide you can let go. Sometimes the dishes just have to wait a few days. Oh, yeah…I did the dishes.

Compared to many, I’m sure my day looked like a cake walk. I’m not bitching, and I’m not trying to “win” Monday. Just an observation.

Hailing frequencies closed.