Let's Be Adults and Set a Coloring Date

Captain's Blog - Stardate 60404.2

Today I am spending the bulk of my day "crashing" an Equity audition. What does that mean? It means that the theatre in question is holding a required open Equity audition. Equity members are able to make appointments and then they will see walk-ins if and when they can. Since its an Equity Principal Audition (EPA) they will see Equity walk-ins first, followed by EMC (essentially pre-Equity participants like me) and finally non-Equity. 

The list begins around 9am, but many folks will get there even earlier and start an unofficial list which most folks here in Chicago are willing to abide by. Then, when the monitor arrives...the early risers will line up to sign the official list based on the nonofficial list. 

And then the waiting begins.

The waiting is kind of the best part. In many cases, it's the only time I see certain colleagues in the community who are great people but, if we're not in a show together, we don't get much face time. The other piece of the waiting that's cool is the sense of community. People connecting, maybe networking, and also helping each other out. 

A good friend of mine was here this morning whom, for this reason and that, I haven't seen in a while. We swapped the "Reader's Digest" of our past year or so and then started talking about finding a non-audition opportunity to get caught up. 

And we decided on a coloring date.

Which is kind of fabulous. First off, adult coloring is totally in right now as a "sanctioned" form of art therapy. Second, I have ALWAYS loved coloring. Like...always. Third, it's creative but not related to my work in any way. Creative expression for it's own sake with no "goals" and no "product focused" mentality. I can take my time, color whatever I want, and be very present. Fourth, it'll be cool to share it. I highly recommend coloring to everyone.

Another friend overheard my "Reader's Digest"  exchange, which included the loss of my cat (a common theme in many conversations, I realize.) and as she was heading to another audition, took the time to express her condolences. She shared a story about losing a family pet, and we connected over the love of animals and how they steal your hearts. She didn't have to say anything and it would still have been great to see her. But both women took a second out of their day to say something more than standard small talk.

That kind of support runs rampant through the Chicago arts community. It'a part of what makes this town such a great place to work. Happy Monday, Chicago!

Hailing frequencies closed.