The Disney Details - Part One

Captain's Blog - Stardate 60503.5

So, last week I wrote about the brilliance of the Disney customer service. However, I also promised an entry on the experience itself both from my perspective and that of the four and half year old we escorted through the park.

Overall, this Disney trip, though short, counts as one of the best of my adult life so far for several reasons. For starters, this was the first time for me experiencing this park with a child. Having the wee one as part of the package, the generational appeal of Disney made real sense for the first time.


It's a Small, Small World

People make fun of the ride "It's a Small World." And let's be honest...we all know why. Anyone who has been on board one of those docile boats has committed those eight bars of music to memory for the rest of their lives. The decor for the line is a little chincy and dated, the animatronics are equally simplistic, and if you look really close you can find some outdated and uncomfortably racist stereotypes among the otherwise open minded cultural array.

And yet it continues to reign as one of Disney's longest running and most popular attractions. It was also one of the niece's favorites. Why?

To begin with, there's the nostalgia factor. Parents and Grandparents may not "get" Pixar movies or "Frozen," but they can connect with their child on this ride. On our visit, I heard the little one's mother say, "Your grandmother went on this ride, too." Upon returning home, this child, who is also a master of YouTube, shared videos of the ride with Grandma and could remember ALL the details of this ride. She also could highlight differences she saw, presumably since the video was from the "Land" and we were in the "World."

The ride is also incredibly happy. If somewhat uncomplicated, it's overall goal is the celebration of life and sharing that enthusiasm with the other humans around us. That's pretty wonderful. 

Watching a child experience something you also loved when you were young is definitely an incredible feeling.

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