The Disney Details - Part Two

Captain's Blog - Stardate 60504.1

And so...we continue my retelling of this fabulous Disney trip.

The Characters

Okay...if I'm being completely honest...this is the one and only disappointment I had with this trip. Since I can remember, I have loved the characters at the Disney Parks. Always have.

When I was little, once I found Mickey Mouse it was all over. I wouldn't let him go. My mother would plead with me to step away so other families could have their pictures. I refused. Now, the families could absolutely have their pics with Mickey. I just had to be a part of them. My mother jokes that there are pictures of starstruck Shaun all over the globe.

However, two things have changed since the last time I visited that made the character experience less fulfilling for me than its been before.

First, Disney has gotten organized. The "Meet and Greets" are more structured now. The characters have home bases, formal lines, and even an app to find your desired character where and when they appear in the park. It used to be, at least how I remember it, more random or casual to get a picture with the characters. You'd find them by chance and almost convince them to trap a shot. With such formality now filled with lines and cast members running the show, you really have to want to have that pic. 

They are feel much more geared to the little ones. Or maybe I'm just getting older.

I did take my picture with Elsa. I mentioned before she was very friendly with the four-year-old. She took just as much time with me. She asked if I was an Ice Cutter. I said yes and she told me to speak to Anna about getting a job. I got my picture. I said thank you. I felt weird. I did not give Anna my CV.

Of course, if I had, she would have also seen that I've put in time as a Disney Prince as well. A few years ago I worked an amazing party for a five year old girl as Prince Adam. Think "The Beast" after a major hair cut. That gig may also have something to do with my reaction to the characters this time. 

I get the upgrade. I totally do. But I miss being as excited about seeing those characters come to life as I once was. Maybe the next time we all go, I can lock in a few meet-and-greet fast passes. You know...for the little one.

Hailing frequencies closed.