The Disney Details - Part Three

Captain's Blog - Stardate 60505.3

Too Many Questions

I don't see a lot of children on a regular basis, but I've been lucky enough to drop in on this four-and-a-half year old a few times over the past year and it's a genuine thrill to see her development in pieces. She's extremely self-aware, observant, and intelligent.

So, picture us all at Disney. Six adults focused on one toddler experiencing the happiest place on Earth. Each of us excited to be the one to see the first glimmer of what it means to meet a princess or to hear her giggle as she starts to believe the magic.

By around 1pm, she and I were in line for the rocket ride by ourselves. She wanted to ride it with Uncle Shaun because she knows I like Star Wars and space. (Happy belated May the Fourth Be With You, by the way). As we waited I watched her watch the other kids to figure out what they were doing. Most of them were clinging to the metal row dividers like monkeys, so she followed suit. I tried to spot her without being obvious so she didn't hit her head on my watch.

Feeling the pressure to impress and entertain, I started asking her questions about her day. Did she like this, did she see that...and so forth. She answered me politely but was a little evasive. Then I figured it out.

"Are we asking you too many questions?" She nodded. "Everyone is just trying to make sure you're having a good time." She looked right at me and said, "I am having a good time, but you're a little annoying." I tried not to smile so she knew I took her seriously. My boyfriend stopped by and I made sure he passed the memo to the rest of the grown-ups.

Check. No more questions.

Hailing Frequencies Closed.