The Disney Details - Part Five

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This will be the last blog on Disney for a while. One of my responsibilities as an actor is to pay for my work by working a handful of other jobs to pay the bills. One of these has me sitting, without a phone, tablet, or computer, for two hours. I'm a monitor of sorts, so I read and write until I am needed. When I sat down to write the Disney blog (singular) during that time Monday, I found I had a lot more to say. I already knew that I had an amazing trip...but I hadn't realized just how deeply it got into my head and heart. And how many stories I had to tell. 

So, my remaining Disney blog will be a recap of the remaining rides and experiences that were great but didn't warrant an entire entry. 


Prince Charming Royal Carousel
It's very charming.'s in the name! The line here was pretty short that by the time I got back from the restroom, the wee one and her parents were far enough in line that we skipped that ride. Got a lot of great pictures every time they passed by, though.

Mad Tea Party
SO cute! Not sure there's more to say on this one. I's the teacups! How fun!

Tomorrowland Speedway
I almost forgot about this one, although I have a ton of pictures from that moment. It's a fun little go-cart-esque ride. You're never really able to deviate from the track but we had fun sort of pseudo-racing. I was surprised that this ride hadn't been updated to be Cars themed, but apparently that ride is in a different park.

People Mover
To begin with, the name of "People Mover" was a running joke all day. It seems like a glorified Tram ride and, honestly, it sort of is. But, it does cut through "Space Mountain" which includes some darkness and a "scare" factor without any of the speed or drops. It was a nice break from walking the park.

The Dumbo ride was another ride my boyfriend and I skipped. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the ride's functionality and speed, pictures were not as easy to come by. 

Jungle Cruise
The animatronics are pretty fun on this jungle boat safari. But the highlight is the tour guide. We did this ride twice and so it's clear that the script is pretty standard. But it's really funny. The tour is chalk full of snark. And each guide gets to give their own spin on the content and maybe even add a joke or four.

Under the Sea
Especially compared to "It's a Small World," this is an amazing animatronic experience. It wasn't around when I last came to the park and the character recreation is stellar. We broke down once by Ursula and she is incredible. Pictures galore. We rode this one twice and I would have totally gone again.

The Haunted Mansion
SO fun! I forgot all about this one. I mixed it up in my head with the Tower of Terror from the Disney Hollywood Studio. This is way less scary...another car/animatronic tour. But this one also deals with mirror images and what appear to be holograms. Ghosts and ghouls...very clever. Still not sure how they did everything. 

Hall of Presidents
I think I've only seen this before in the Disneyland park in Anaheim, so my memory of it was quite outdated. This was a lovely slice of Americana, narrated by none other than Morgan Freeman. The coolest part was all 43 animatronic Presidents. The least cool part was how many president's names I am embarrassed to say I did not remember.

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
Super fun! I gotta admit that I am not a great shot, but after I got the hang of it I racked up a pretty good score. Getting stuck once or twice didn't hurt any. Great use of backlights and a fun laser game ride!

Carousel of Progress
I don't think I ever took this ride before. It has a more "educational" feeling to it...much more like a ride you'd find in Epcot. Also, my boyfriend and I went on it right before the park closed and were the only two on the ride. It rotates through four dioramas chronicling progress in America. The first three are from the original ride and depict the turn of the twentieth century, the 1920s, and the 1940s. After that, it skips ahead to today. All the characters are the same face in a different time detailing how our technology has changed and what effect it has had on the American family. "It's a great, big, beautiful tomorrow..."

Electric Parade
This was probably one of my favorite moments of the night. I mean...everyone loves a parade, right? But this one is in the dark of night with beautiful lights creating the shapes and characters on the floats. Even the walking, human characters costumes are fully lit. It's fun and beautiful and a great site to catch on the way out of the park. 

Peter Pan Flight
This was one of the only rides we did on the second morning, other than the second trip Under the Sea. It's one of my boyfriend's favorites. It's a great twist on the "animatronic tour ride" in that the cars fly and you look down on the movie dioramas. It's very charming. 

Suffice it to say this was an incredible visit and I loved every minute of it.

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