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Time is something that completely baffles me. Always has and I suppose it always will. Don't worry, this isn't a "deep thoughts" blog. We need a break and there is nothing more shallow than my character in "The Boys Upstairs." All I mean about time is that I can't believe we only have ten shows left.

That's right...ten more chances to see "The Boys Upstairs."

Hopefully, our audiences will continue to grow. Last week, with such an abbreviated and short performance schedule, we had light houses for both our shows. Typically, houses pick up as a show moves to closing, and I anticipate that this will be true for us as well.

In fact, tonight I happen to know we have a pretty full house. My boyfriend is bringing an entourage to see the show. I'm calling the night "Hashtag Team Ashley." Or, if you're actually using hashtags, #TeamAshley. I'm so excited because for many of these folks, this will be the first time they see me on stage. A few are not fans of theatre at all, but are willing to see the show to support us both. I'm so grateful and can't wait for such an exciting, and likely intoxicated crowd!

If you're still interested in seeing the goofy comedy by Jason Mitchell "The Boys Upstairs" directed by David Zak and produced by Pride Films and Plays, please join us at Mary's Attic:

  • Tonight at 7pm
  • Friday, 6/17 at 7pm
  • Saturday, 6/18 at 7pm
  • Sunday, 6/19 at 5pm
  • Thursday, 6/23 at 7pm
  • Friday, 6/24 at 7pm
  • Saturday, 6/25 at 7pm
  • Thursday, 6/30 at 7pm
  • Friday, 7/1 at 7pm
  • Saturday, 7/2 at 7pm

You can find tickets by clicking here or by visiting goldstar.com.

If you come to the show tonight, check in at Mary's Attic on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #TeamAshley, #TheBoysUpstairs, and #pridefilmsandplays. Can't wait to see all y'all Upstairs!

Hailing frequencies closed.

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I will be coming through with the #TeamJosh, #TeamSeth, #TeamEric, and #TeamLuke as we continue the countdown. This is a great group of men I have the honor of performing with.