Captain's Blog: Stardate 10517.7

“I resolve, here and now, I will be a different girl...somehow!” - Ilona, “She Loves Me”

The New Year is often a time for re-evaluation. Taking and dissecting the successes and challenges of the previous 365 days and finding both epic and simple adjustments to make to the following year measurably more successful.

Of course, December 31st is relatively arbitrary, as the Chinese New Year isn't for another month or more, the Jewish New Year is in the fall, and so on. But...sticking with this Gregorian or Secular New Year, the movement into 2017, I have made some resolutions of my own.

I could go on about the classes I'll take, the work outs I'll do, the vegetables I'll eat. That's all true...I hope. But this year I'm looking at making one, single change.


I am reversing the polarity of my approach to nearly everything. Sounds too massive to be successful, right? I hear you but bear (Baer) with me. I think it's actually quite simple. Anything I am inclined to process in a negative way, I will reframe in a positive way. For example:

  • Old way: I will fight against injustice.

  • New way: I will fight FOR justice.


  • Old way: I hate Donald Trump and the GOP.

  • New way: I am inspired to take greater action to support the candidates and party I believe in.


  • Old way: I will rail against ingnorance and intolerance.

  • New way: I will unwaveringly teach love and acceptance.

To be clear, I still hate Donald Trump, and I am angered by injustice, ignorance, and intolerance. But after the challenges of 2016, I feel as thought making it clear what I don't like isn't the answer.

For one thing, it's just too damn painful. My mother once told me that it takes a lot of energy to hate. Most of the time, that energy can be better spent elsewhere. 

I have also learned that shouting at someone that they are wrong will almost never convince them that you are right.

So, I am turning the energy I have spent hating Trump, fearing the GOP, and worrying about the future, and I am reinvesting it in love, hope, and action in 2017. The mission is the same. Only the strategy has changed.

Happy New Year!