ICYMI: Highlights of 2017

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Captain's Blog: Stardate 122917.3

What a crazy year it's been! There has been a lot of down time, an added third survival job, not to mention the ever-tumultuous political scene infusing every single day. It's easy during the day-to-day to lose sight of some of the exciting career moments that made this the second year in a row with some pretty great milestones. So, without further ado, the top ten successes of 2017.

  1. Completed first voiceover demo
  2. Two incredible photo shoots with the impeccable and amazing Tyler Core which brought me some of the best photos I've ever had.
  3. My earnings last year qualified me for the SAG-AFTRA Insurance plan.
  4. Made some exciting new connections which have served as both good networking and great inspiration.
  5. SAG-AFTRA DIY workshop demonstrated that I have more tools at my disposal to complete some of my smaller projects, which have now moved into development.
  6. First hand modeling gig
  7. Started the year on stage with "Diary of a Worm..."
  8. Debuted with an original musical which included a cast recording.
  9. By the same composer, last year's cast recording "PEN" is now available for purchase online.
  10. And the top accomplishment of 2017: Booking my first co-star role on a network television show. I was Hotel Manager #2 on "Chicago PD" this season.

So, despite the "resistance" that can creep into the brain during times of calm in one's career, 2017 was definitely a success. I look forward to what new steps I can take in 2018. Happy New Year!