2018: Going Primal


Captain's Blog: Stardate 010118.7

So, I know what you're thinking. You've tried South Beach, you've tried Whole30...why do you think "The Primal Blueprint" is going to be any different. That's a good question. Allow my begin my answer stating that I will not be re-capping the diet/exercise/meal plan here for you. For one thing, that's boring if you're not looking to do it yourself and if you ARE planning on doing it yourself, then you should probably buy the book(s) and figure it out. 

What I WILL say about this as opposed to some of the others, is that it is less focused on a set period of time. Yes, there is an ideal reset of 21 days, but it is not "required" for success and it doesn't shame you (Whole30) for not getting there.

Another perk of this plan is that it encourages the idea of enjoying life. It lets you know what affects your body and in what way, but it also reminds you that you are a person and you have a life that is best lived in joy. If there are habits you have that are counter to your goals, then this diet encourages you to take a look at those and the reasons behind them. Examining the emotional reason behind your behavior is the way to decide if it is counter to living your best life. 

For example, if you are using coffee as a way to avoid sleep and stay awake, then maybe you need to look at that and see if there is another way to get the energy you need OR that maybe you need a quick afternoon nap!

I'm excited to give it a try, to learn and grow along the way, and see where this new, ongoing approach takes me. Additionally, I'm doing this with a few other people, so I have a support team built in which always helps. 

One thing I will say about my time on Whole30 in December versus my "eat whatever you want for the holidays" approach: It is clear that there are things in foods out there that make my body unhappy. Chances are, most of them are favorites of mine. Coffee is not one of them, thankfully, though I do need to keep a limit on my intake. Gluten and I are almost definitely enemies. It'll be interesting to see if dairy and I are also fighting. We'll see...

Primal roar!