Grounded (Or Why People Make Laws)


Captain's Blog: Stardate 21518.4

I was a very good boy…for the most part. This holds so true that I believe I can remember the first time I got grounded. Ever. I was a teenager and was making a little extra cash mowing lawns.

One summer day, I was heading to do a lawn in my brand new, white, gym shoes. My mother told me not to wear them because they would be permanently stained. I said fine, but didn’t listen. Sure enough, her prediction came to pass and I was grounded for not heeding my mother’s request.  

At that time, silly as it may sound, a rule was established that I was not allowed to wear new shoes to mow the lawn. I was required to wear old shoes…which of course were now these new shoes with the yellow green ombré pressed into the rubber. 

Seems kinda silly to make a rule like that once I’d already learned my lesson, right? 

Let me give you another example. 

One night, I said I would be home from a move at…I don’t remember…let’s say 10. Suffice it to say, my teenage angst and defiance (which compared to many may seem measured but felt of paramount importance and volatility to me at the time). When I got home my mother was distraught (and my father, too, but as much from worry as from having to keep my mother from calling the police). Yes, I was grounded. A curfew was established and also the rule that if I am going to miss curfew, I must call when possible (remember…no cell phones…) and let them know. 

So, a poor behavior was perpetrated. Then a rule was made to curb that behavior. Fascinating. 

What’s my point? Glad you asked. 

I understand that a small number of people feel that additional gun laws are restrictive and also punitive. And to a degree, they may be absolutely right. Some of those complaining may be responsible owners of semiautomatic weaponry and not feel it is necessary to restrict these sales because they can behave. 

However, it is clear that your fellow citizens cannot. They were given the opportunity to demonstrate responsible behavior and there have been far too many examples that demonstrate this fact. 

So, while I understand you’re unhappy about it, it’s time for stricter gun laws and a ban on automatic and semiautomatic weapons. 

I get it. No one likes to be grounded. But now it’s time for you to go to your room and think about what you’ve done.