Queer Eye for This Guy


Captain's Blog: Stardate 41718.6

My boyfriend and I binged the new “Queer Eye” pretty hard over the course of a weekend. This was during the height of Mercury in retrograde, so we had to stop several times due to unscheduled power outages. What I thought we’d see was a slightly charming makeover show. What we got was something so much more.

Not knowing what to expect, other than loving Jonathan from his web series “Gay of Thrones,” I was truly surprised to be so inspired. These men were doing some amazing work, in a short time, with some people who’s lack of self-confidence had manifested itself physically in their home, their appearance, and their success (or lack of same).

During one of the power outages, I retired to our bedroom and took a quick glance at my side of the closet. While not as bad as some on the show, it was clear that I was holding onto a lot of old junk that didn’t need to be there and was cluttering my way to the clothes that make me feel like my best me. The closet and dresser became phase one of this process.

Three bags of donations later, I can look at my side of the closet and drawers and I know where everything is and where everything goes. My remaining wardrobe feels intentional, attractive, and manageable.

As I worked, I remembered an article I read that said that “how you do anything is how you do everything.” I started examining other areas of my life that may be cluttered. Some places have obvious clutter: my desk at my day jobs, our kitchen counter, our hall closet, our cabinets. I will be finding time over the next days to address these areas.

But I have discovered I have a similar problem in my mind. There are issues and items cluttering up my thought processes that are slowing down my momentum in areas I would like to be moving forward. Much of the work I’ll be doing will involve channeling some of the overriding messages of the Fab Five. Here are the top ideas I will be working with. I am paraphrasing or reinterpreting, so don’t throw down if I misquote your favorite QE guy.

  1.  You are worth taking the time you need to feel good about yourself. Self-care is essential for success and you deserve to take that time.
  2.  A cluttered home can cause stress and anxiety where you need to feel calm. With so much happening in our day-to-day, it is important to manifest serenity in your safe space.
  3. Elevating your look can elevate your sense of self-worth.
  4. Making sure you always make an effort in your appearance sends a message to those around you (both personally and professionally) about how you feel about them.
  5. There is no need to apologize for being who you are or where you are. Sometimes, we do this subconsciously and it presents itself through our dress, our body language, and how we put ourselves out in the world.

One constant theme I realized is that our mind is like our closet. Who we are, or who we picture as our best self, is absolutely in there. For all of us. The question becomes: how deep do we have to dig to find it and what must be cleared out to make it easy for us to put on our best self?

Time to clean out the closet.