Move In and Get Moving


Captain’s Blog: Stardate 91718.4

As the clock ticked down toward my departure to O’Hare, I realized there were still a few pairs of shorts, socks, and charger cords I needed and I was out of suitcase/backpack space. So, this [redacted] year old adult grabbed a Trader Joe’s grocery bag, tossed the last few items in, waved goodbye for now to my home of almost ten years, and dashed out the door to meet the Uber. Little did I know how necessary this bag would be.

I checked in for my United flight and, upon checking my bag, realized that the result of spring-loading one’s socks and underwear is a suitcase that was ten pounds overweight. I wasn’t too worried. One checked bag is $25, so of course an overweight bag would be $50, right?

Wrong. Grand total: $125.

In lieu of that, the woman behind the counter encouraged me to see if I could lose some weight…from my suitcase. So, with a line behind me, she watched as I dropped pairs of jeans on their scale to reach the desired 10 pound loss. We made it, and the crowd continued to watch as I forced these “extra” clothes into that same grocery bag. #adulting

The rest of the travel process went without incident. I landed at LAX, found my bag, and met my friends easily. Then the day began.

It started with lunch ant Cantor’s Deli. Those of you who know my relationship with The Bagel know I love a Jewish deli. Their menu was quite extensive, and I landed on a smoked salmon benedict over potato pancakes. The meal was marvelous, if a bit rich.

We checked out the “Kill Dolls” funky clothing store and then were off to the most magical place in LA…Target. Toiletries and such were purchased and then we explored the nearby outdoor mall, The Americana in Glendale. Opulent, beautiful, and packed. For Chicagoans…think Oak Brook Mall designed by the Disney Corp. 

A few more errands and we were off to dinner with an old friend from high school. “Manti” in Studio City is a lovely Armenian restaurant which serves, among other delectables, the dumpling dish it’s named for. The food was exquisite and the company equally fulfilling.

After dinner, we got back to my friends’ place. We unloaded the car and I unpacked in my new room. A fun surprise? A plush stuffed Lt. Commander Data was waiting on my bed when I arrived. 

Once I was settled in, I went to lie down on my bed and to take stock of the day. Their dog, a medium-small, two year old pup with a bow tie, popped in and cuddled up next to me. I laid there, taking in my new room, as my friend of twenty-five years strummed lightly on his guitar. It was the perfect closing scene of the first episode of this new season.