Picard Prep: Save the Date

“Picard” Prep
Save the Date
September 26, 2019

Publicity photo for season one of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

Publicity photo for season one of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

Captain's Blog: Stardate 90819.4

A typical weekend for me as a child would be sitting on our enclosed porch with my father. He’d be watching television after a long work week, be it the Master’s Tournament or a Bruce Lee marathon, and I’d be playing with my action figures or coloring. 

Come to think of it, many of my habits still have not changed. 

Among the programs he’d watch were the reruns of “Star Trek,” what is now referred to as “Star Trek: The Original Series.” There, in primary colors, were Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, Scotty, and Chekov hurtling through space getting into adventures here and there that ranged from the serious to the downright silly.

Most of what my father watched went in one eye and out the other, and “Star Trek” was no exception. Very often, if my father wanted me to watch or do something, I would hem and haw and either refuse or do so begrudgingly until I was allowed to stop. (RE: Gardening)

So naturally, when he suggested I sit down with him to watch the premiere of “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” I was skeptical and annoyed. Now, my family have what we call a “no thank you portion” requirement for new things. This usually applies to food, wherein I cannot say I do not like something unless I’ve tried it. Once I have, I am allowed to refuse more. And yes, I am using present tense because the rule is very much still in effect.

Under this edict, I was pressed into watching this pilot episode, with the understanding that I would not be expected to watch more unless I wanted to. Suffice it to say, I’ve been watching ever since. 

Fast forward to today, and the news that “Star Trek: Picard” just wrapped filming season one for an early 2020 release on CBS All Access, and I cannot adequately express my excitement. In anticipation of this new series, I have been inspired to take a deeper look at each and every episode that I think I know so well, try to remember what I thought then, see what I think now, and list some great quotes and life lessons along the way. Think of it as my answer to “Julie and Julia.” 

I plan to cover every episode and film, with maybe a few surprises along the way, until the new series premieres. I’ll then turn my focus around to see how the show effects me now, and what I think younger me would think of the current state of “Star Trek.” I invite you to follow along. My blog series will launch on the 32nd anniversary of the release of the TNG pilot, “Encounter at Farpoint,” September 26, 2019.

“Let’s see what’s out there.”

The trailer for the original pilot of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

The trailer for the upcoming series “Star Trek: Picard”

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