LA - Days One and Two

RAGE - Musical Monday

Wow! My first  trip to LA began with a great night out with old friends. How fun to meet up with people from high school in a totally new place. We had a wonderful meal, very good conversation, and then headed to RAGE for "Musical Mondays" for some show tunes. Different than Chicago's, this bar has lip-sync artists perform with the videos and then a  live segment featuring local talent and productions. A local cast of "Assassins" rocked the place. 

Today is the "sight seeing" part of the trip, with visits planned to UC Sunnydale (which I'm told is actually UCLA) and downtown LA. I also enjoyed waking up to what I understand is the very unexpected sound of rain.

Tomorrow evening I dive into the LA Indie Film Fest. There are two features tomorrow night that sound great. Looking forward to seeing the work and meeting the filmmakers involved. After my experience at the Austin Web Fest I have come to realize just how truly innovative and exciting independent filmmaking can be. More details to come!