UC Sunnydale and Other Sights


What a fun day! On my first full day in LA I got to see some of the most important sights in the city. Oh sure, I saw the Hollywood sign, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Rodeo Drive, The Jim Henson Company. But first, I was given a walking tour of some of the greatest landmarks in geek history...a shot-by-shot tours of UC Sunnydale.

Now, while many might not find this special, or interesting, or important at all...I had a BLAST! Buffy has become a favorite and formative show in my development as a grown-up and an artist. It's a genre I love, with characters that challenges society's expectations. I know I'm not alone when I'm writing a script that's basically a way into this universe. Joss has a great way of creating a unique language for the people in his shows. Being on a show like Buffy is a goal for me.

This is step one...