Humane Resources Season One

Humane Resources is a web series that lightheartedly explores the workplace relationships of a Chicago humane society while exposing the audience to the importance of pet adoption and charity. David's dreams of corporate life are challenged when he discovers that doing good work can mean more than building a resume.

Episode 1:
case of the mondays

David's week isn't starting out like he'd hoped. The clock starts ticking towards an unexpected deadline.

episode 2:
the birthday

What can be more fun than working on your birthday? David tries to survive his not-so-special day.


Work is piling up and time is running out. Dolores has a hint for David that might help.

Episode 4:
the kennel

David's visit to the kennel is full of surprises. Sandy offers David a helping hand.

Episode 5:

It's the day of the Ball and Melissa is fuming. Probably because David hasn’t made it into the office yet.

Episode 6:
Firing Friday

Firing Friday is here and David is called to Carter's office. Will he still be working at Chicago Humane?

Episode 7:
the owl

As promised, David meets Sandy for drinks after work at The Owl, where Colin bartends.