Welcome Aboard!

Still from American Idol National Commercial

Still from American Idol National Commercial

My dear family and friends! As most of you know, I have relocated indefinitely to Los Angeles, CA. The two months I spent there last fall were extremely successful, resulting in a good bit of background work, a national commercial, and my first taste at what life out here would be like.

One thing I do want do is have a “private place” to share ALL of the work that I do. Including background work. Background is a lot like “Fight Club.” In many ways, the first rule of background is that you don’t really talk about background. Your agent doesn’t want you to do it, because they want you to be available at a moment’s notice for auditions when they come. The industry knows that background actors are important, but at the same time don’t want or expect you to list it on your resume.

But when I’m chowing down on a taquito over Matthew Broderick’s shoulder, I want to be able to let you, my family and friends, know when and where to check me out! To that end, I’ve started this “hidden” blog just for you. There’s no password or crazy method to get here. All you need is the link, which you already clicked.

If you ‘d ALSO like to be notified when I update this blog, just toss your name and email in the box below and I will make sure to email you whenever I’ve got something to share.

Thank you for being such a great source of support, strength, and love for me as I navigate this exciting new journey. I can’t wait to see what comes next!