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Humane Resources (2014)

David has his work cut out for him as part of the administrative team of Chicago Humane. After being on the job for just two months, his job is on the line. Can he survive Firing Friday, save the event, and figure out what he wants for his future? Find out in season one of this award-winning web series.


Eddie Avinashi - Director of Photography

Shaun Baer - Writer/Executive Producer

Steven Callas - Producer

Jess Godwin - Singer/Songwriter

Kurt Naebig - Director

Sally O'Brien - Editor

Alex Thompson - Director


Mallory Backstrom as Dolores

Shaun Baer as David

Chris Brickhouse as Alan

Greg Davies as Colin

Hillary Marren as Melissa

Khaki Pixley as Tessa

Linda Rosenthal as Sandy


Austin Pendleton as Carter