Motivational Mondays

This year is the 50th Anniversary of my favorite series/franchise ever...Star Trek. While this groundbreaking television show inspired people to pursue careers in science, medicine, and astronomy, it inspired me to be an actor.

So, this year every Monday I'll be posting both here and on my Facebook page, my "Unauthorized Motivational Monday Quotes" combining fitness/mindfulness quotes with Star Trek images of fitness and strength. From Bakula to Nimoy and back again, these posts are meant to inspire me and those following to keep our goals at the forefront of our minds. It can be challenging to keep on task or motivated when things are going on all over working hard to distract us from our work and our art. Steven Pressfield (War of Art) calls this resistance.

Resistance is something, be it internal or external, that keeps us from doing our work. These cards are my way to honor my greatest inspiration for the bulk of my formative and adult life...and also let resistance know that "'re futile!"

Be. Aggressive. Be Be Aggressive.

I think everyone sets goals for the New Year. I've done it before. I'm sure I'll do it again. I usually do it at Rosh Hashanah and then use the secular New Year's Eve as sort of a "first quarter review." But 2016 feels different. After my first meditation of the new year, with my coffee and the view of Lake Michigan I am grateful for, I feel renewed. I feel rested. I feel ready. 

2015 was a year of amazing highs and lows. After signing with Shirley Hamilton, I learned that my web series "Humane Resources" was selected for two amazing film festivals. I booked a radio spot, a play, and made some great new connections. But I also had to make the hardest decision of my life and say goodbye to my beautiful cat of fifteen years. All of these new experiences have had an impact on me...the full effect I'm sure has yet to fully manifest.

So as I learn what 2016 is all about, my new year's resolution is simply to dive right in. Do more. Analyze less. Make. Do. Be. See you there.

UC Sunnydale and Other Sights


What a fun day! On my first full day in LA I got to see some of the most important sights in the city. Oh sure, I saw the Hollywood sign, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Rodeo Drive, The Jim Henson Company. But first, I was given a walking tour of some of the greatest landmarks in geek history...a shot-by-shot tours of UC Sunnydale.

Now, while many might not find this special, or interesting, or important at all...I had a BLAST! Buffy has become a favorite and formative show in my development as a grown-up and an artist. It's a genre I love, with characters that challenges society's expectations. I know I'm not alone when I'm writing a script that's basically a way into this universe. Joss has a great way of creating a unique language for the people in his shows. Being on a show like Buffy is a goal for me.

This is step one...

LA - Days One and Two

RAGE - Musical Monday

Wow! My first  trip to LA began with a great night out with old friends. How fun to meet up with people from high school in a totally new place. We had a wonderful meal, very good conversation, and then headed to RAGE for "Musical Mondays" for some show tunes. Different than Chicago's, this bar has lip-sync artists perform with the videos and then a  live segment featuring local talent and productions. A local cast of "Assassins" rocked the place. 

Today is the "sight seeing" part of the trip, with visits planned to UC Sunnydale (which I'm told is actually UCLA) and downtown LA. I also enjoyed waking up to what I understand is the very unexpected sound of rain.

Tomorrow evening I dive into the LA Indie Film Fest. There are two features tomorrow night that sound great. Looking forward to seeing the work and meeting the filmmakers involved. After my experience at the Austin Web Fest I have come to realize just how truly innovative and exciting independent filmmaking can be. More details to come!

New Website Launch

 Production still from "Humane Resources"

Production still from "Humane Resources"

Okay it is! The new is live and ready. This blog will be a place for me to share updates about new projects and share images and stories from my experiences at special festivals and events. Don't worry...I won't be posting any rants here about current events nor will I be sharing info on big auditions or daily meals.

I will do some sharing about things I've read, or classes I've taken, or shows I've seen that I have found particularly inspiring. One of my inspirations, Bonnie Gillespie, always says we "create the Hollywood we want to see" and "sharing our toys" is a great way to do that. If I'm really lucky, I'll share a story or image here that someone out there will find helpful. 

So, let's go make art! Here we go...