Shaun Baer


Within the context of design, my role is to highlight the voice of my client in a way that is consistent, concise, and creative to maximize the awareness and potential of their individual brand. My experience as a queer artist helps me to fully comprehend the challenge of being seen and heard the right way. With experience from for-profit web design to non-profit theatre, I bring wide range of tools to the table to make sure we perfectly represent your brand together.

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Print Design Portfolio


Working as the Marketing Coordinator for the Sabes Jewish Community Center in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, I was responsible for telling the individual story of twenty departments ranging from Jewish Arts and Humanities to Early Childhood Care to Health and Wellness. Each had a unique demographic focus within the Jewish and non-Jewish communities. Even with each department having different needs, the center as a whole needed to feel cohesive. I worked with our leadership to commission a new visual branding framework, and then I worked within that framework to establish the look for each department.

SABES JCC - Center for Jewish Arts and Humanities 2008-2009 Catalogue

SABES JCC - Annual Report

SABES JCC - Health and Wellness


For MMT, camp was often the name of the game. We worked on productions from the serious to the silly, and each production needed to feel like it's own entity while incorporating the branded elements of the company to maintain brand recognition for season ticket holders as well as new audiences.


I helped them out for through a transitional period in their internal staffing, covering their marketing during the holidays one year. This included pieces ranging from their window calendar to posters for their specialized programming.