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Graphic Designer

Within the context of design, my role is to highlight the voice of my client in a way that is consistent, concise, and creative to maximize the awareness and potential of their individual brand. My experience as a queer artist helps me to fully comprehend the challenge of being seen and heard the right way. With experience from for-profit web design to non-profit theatre, I bring wide range of tools to the table to make sure we perfectly represent your brand together.


A professional designer for over twenty years, my favorite challenges are the ones that merge professional communication with whimsical creativity. Luckily I've had that opportunity serving as marketing coordinator for the Sabes JCC, office manager for the Bethany UCC, and graphic designer for Minneapolis Musical Theatre, as well as a handful of freelance clientele. In many cases my projects involved creating a unique identity within an established brand.

At its core, branding is a distillation of one's most authentic self. Whether the business is a single individual or a major corporation, the visuals, copy, and colors merge together to tell the target audience the proper story about what they'll experience engaging with a given entity.

My job, as it relates to your branding, is to explore with you and your team what this identity looks like and then develop these assets for distribution. In our initial consultation, we will discuss goals, metrics, demographics, and also values to make sure that every step of the way, the work is true to your mission and objectives.

Authenticity is at the center of what I do, because a chosen audience can feel whether they're being talked to or targeted. That familiar feeling is built from your taste, your intent, and a desire to communicate with, not manipulate, your buyers.


Let's tell your story together.


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